So how do you tie a man who can’t meet for a long time and is also a young male director who can control the fate of many people?

What’s more, Fang Siyi is not ugly
Now there are two roads in front of Yingbao.
The first one is to listen, and then one day they break up and cut off the connection completely.
The second is simply to have a child. She knows Fang Siyi, and Fang Siyi will definitely marry her. Then there will be ways to tie him down.
But neither of these two roads will work.
They are not the kind of ordinary boyfriend and girlfriend who meet each other and then get together. They are lovers who have developed since childhood!
Chapter 24 Women’s Contest (1)
In other words, their feelings are far deeper than ordinary people!
She wants to get pregnant.
But let’s not say that she is always pregnant, and now she is just starting her career, and it is impossible to have children.
All kinds of situations, a headache problem is in front of Yingbao.
How can we completely tie down or let Fang Siyi not leave her?
She doesn’t have to be Fang Siyi, but to be honest, where can I find a boyfriend with better conditions, such as Siyi?
Being more handsome than him doesn’t necessarily make him successful.
If you are more successful than him, you are either an old man or a root who won’t look at her.
Moreover, to tell the truth, the relationship between the two has just broken out. If Fang Siyi breaks up, it will certainly make Fang Siyi blame, but what benefits will she get?
The answer is obvious and impossible.
Once we break up, it’s inevitable that Drea will continue to flow, but …
Can his company sign a contract?
Don’t be ridiculous.
During her two years in obscurity, Yingbao thoroughly saw through the present situation of the whole entertainment circle.
If you want to find a better team than Drea, you may be able to find it, but if you want to find a company that can tilt her resources more than Drea, don’t even think about it!
Artists ultimately have to look at resources.
Without a background, is she going to go back to that kind of life in the dark, getting up earlier than chickens and going to bed later than dogs every day?
After spending thousands of dollars, do you have to work hard to start a long-term career?
Yes, she does have a few movies now, but she doesn’t
Is there still a lack of examples of the best actor and the best actress?
Whether or not to break up has become an important choice for her future fate.
I have to admit that Yingbao is timid.
Facing all kinds of difficulties after breaking up, why not break up?