The cracks in the flesh are now repaired at an alarming rate, and with the back-and-forth process of fracture repair, more and more vortex forces are torn and swallowed up by others and merged into the body.

This means of devouring the whirlpool force can only be put to good use if it weren’t for the devouring force of Jiuyou rattan, Meng Fei, who is busy at the same time, uniting into the whirlpool, not to mention devouring the force inside, even if the body is easily ground into dust.
At the same time, Meng Fei’s skill has increased at an amazing speed.
The improvement of skill means that the source strength is enhanced and integrated, and the convergence of the five elements is achieved.
Huang Hong’s touch of cyan is a slow but firm speed, and this touch of cyan is the source of Meng Fei’s most powerful qi.
This new source of students is still weak. When it is strong enough, it can open up a brand-new field, which is called the Five Elements World.
The transformation of domain power can break through when Meng Feixiu is completed at the same time, and the real king can be directly promoted to the hands of Zunjing. With the addition of five elements of world power, the strength of others will skyrocket to an alarming level.
In the end, we will have to wait until the realm of the five elements of truth is discovered before we can know that he has fired the fire source, the earth source and the wind source, and the five elements have gathered together.
If you want to master the water source Jinyuan later, then he may really unite a big world before the five elements.
Because when the time comes, in addition to holding the five elements, he will also hold the source of time, the source of stars and the source of killing. These are the four major sources of variation, and one of them is enough to practice madness.
If he has the opportunity to integrate these four sources into the five elements world, that is, the realm of respect, then what changes will happen in his field is unimaginable
A giant whirlpool in the abyss of the sea, Meng Fei’s body is a terror, and the black hole is wantonly devouring the whirlpool, and its power is constantly growing.
More than 30 figures in the sea area are full of three-dimensional breath, but the looming intimidation breath shows that they are strong.
The weakest of these practices is also the primary true monarch level.
The cat was in the first place and suddenly looked up to the depths at the moment.
A flash of light appeared in the line of sight, and then it approached here at an alarming speed, but it had reached a hundred feet away after several breaths.
Suddenly, there are more than 20 practicing figures in a shuttle-shaped magic weapon, and the first one is the statue of death, while the practice behind him is the strong one in the city of death. Although the number is small, the practice is slightly higher than that of the secret clan, and the two sides are evenly matched.
Before he left, he ordered some things to come late. Don’t take death for granted.
The cat’s face smiled and died, and Zongzong had just arrived, and Daoyou was not late
Death nodded slightly. Now that you and I have arrived, if there are other things, don’t delay you any longer. I’ll send them now.
Busy Sect also recruited some powerful clansmen. Presumably, their horses will arrive soon, and we will send them immediately when they are angry.
Death frowned, glanced at the cat’s face and nodded, then wait
Two old deathlessly quiet words behind them practice has looked up, although the surface is calm, but there is no lack of cold breath in the eyes has been many times.
The atmosphere gradually became dignified, and the two sides cultivated their eyes more and more recklessly and hated each other, hanging directly on their faces without any hidden chapter one hundred and one.
It’s well known that the secret of death is the death of two old immortals. If they don’t hear of each other’s disagreement, it’s hard to say that a fight will break out after entering the altar. At the same time, it will be too hypocritical to take care of these superficial things
Even though the two giant forces in the dead sea area are quite harmonious on the surface, how can they fight in secret without the secret? The death city is said to be an old enemy.
They won’t have a conflict before there is a difference of interest, and once there is a difference, it means that neither side will show mercy.
Fortunately, not long after, a small sea-going ship roared and stopped not far from the practice of the two major forces. More than a dozen practitioners have now appeared.
The first one-eyed old man handed in his hand and said, "You Taoist friends behind me were invited by Taoist friends, and then they came back later. When it was a little late, the two adults should not get angry."
The old monster’s smiling voice is quite disguised, but he directly picks the fact that they have joined forces.
Among the two giants, they want to protect themselves rather than identify the cannon fodder in their hands.
The cat’s eyes flashed slightly and laughed. Now that we have arrived, we immediately sent you friends to follow Zong, which means that he called a jade-like treasure with a wave of his hand and led the practice behind him into it.
Death statue eyes cold in the one-eyed old man swept dark cold hum a turned around and led the death city practice with.
One-eyed people always see that the cat was living in the city of death, and the two major forces have left one after another, and their faces have become gloomy. Be careful not to be calculated. Let’s go.
It was Mo Tianxing’s adult who practiced behind him and returned with him to a small-scale seagoing ship. He followed the cat behind the death city and roared away.
This trip to Shentai was completed by the combination of the three forces, the first two were evenly matched, and the death statue was super strong.