Feng Lin said lightly, "Don’t look at me. I’m a mercenary with money to help people eliminate disasters. The Belan government entrusted me to protect you. I’ll be responsible for protecting you. Whether you want to save them or not is beyond my control, but I can give you a piece of advice. Peacekeeping forces are not allowed to intervene in the war in the region. This is a violation of the UN resolution, and peacekeeping will become armed intervention, which will bring great diplomatic pressure to the country."

Wang Ning can’t help but hesitate.
In the distance, there are guns and shells exploding. You can see the shells exploding here. Don’t say that the rebels are killing and being chased by the rebels. The civilians are almost desperate. I don’t know who took the lead. First, one by one, then one by one. Finally, thousands of people knelt down. They have a way to go. The peace peninsula guards the only safe passage. Besides, to the left, there are surging rivers, and to the right, there are mine-covered roads and agricultural reclamation areas. Besides, even if there are roads, what can the rebels do? They have a lot of trucks Now the only hope is to hide in the peace peninsula. Maybe the rebels will be afraid to attack the base because of China’s national prestige. They can save their lives. What’s the point of kneeling to the peacekeeping force?
Wang Ning looked sad and called "Dismantle some roadblocks and let them pass!"
Feng Lin said, "If you do this, the rebels will probably take it out on you and the whole base will suffer."
Wang Ning is bold.
Say, "So what? It’s not a day or two to keep looking at those bastards! If you want to fight, who are we afraid of? "
Feng Lin said, "If the rebels insist on pursuing, they will definitely go through our base. Will you let them go?"
Wang Ning said, "Fart!"
Feng Lin said, "I’m afraid you can’t be a major because of the conflict."
Wang Ning said, "Even if the boss wants to punish me, I have to have a life to go back!"
Soldiers of peacekeeping forces moved some roadblocks to direct refugees to pass quickly and orderly, which violated various provisions of the United Nations code of conduct for peacekeeping forces. The suspicion of armed intervention in the region made the Republic criticized by various countries. Feng Lin was right. This major Wang Ning really failed-after returning to China, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. When he saw many refugees, he couldn’t walk. Wang Ning simply asked heavy trucks of transport forces to send them away. A dozen heavy trucks were immediately crowded with people except. There is no place where there is no one outside the wheel. Fortunately, Belan people still love each other until now, so that the old, the weak, the women and the children can see their magic needles in the car. Wang Ning roughly estimated that when they were a darling, they were transported away for more than half of the camp. Looking at the meat ball truck, his heart was pulled up. You know, the road to the capital was blocked by mines, and the dirt road was bumpy. Can’t you play a lot of flying people with such a bump? Thanks to their laughter.
Suffering refugees moved quickly, and it didn’t take long for the mercenaries to barricade the intersection again and start to mine the conflict. It’s rare to prepare for the war early. The soldiers all got enough ammunition and several mortars were moved out. Since they all stepped in, it’s better to do it more thoroughly. Just after this preparation, a long line of broken cars came from the distance. The cars were also crowded with people, not less than two or three thousand people were wearing machine guns, and many armed bayonets were carrying flesh and blood. Blurred heads Some people even saw some 15-and 16-year-old baby soldiers carrying submachine guns with a bunch of black stuff hanging around their necks. It was the male genital baby soldiers who cut them and wore them as amulets! Looking at all this, Wang Ning almost vomited in his stomach. Are these guys really human? Look at their fierce and bloodthirsty eyes, they all look like a group of wild animals!
The Fenglin Grenade launcher fired a shocking bomb with a strong light and a huge explosion to warn the other party that this road is blocked! The motorcade stopped quickly, and the armed men jumped out of the car and hid themselves on the spot. An officer dressed in rags growled with a fierce expression and slapped a hip pistol from time to time. Wang Ning was very arrogant. He knew nothing about Bein. Please ask Feng Lin to translate the wind.
Lin is proficient in many languages, which is also an important reason why he was sent here. Feng Lin said, "He said that he is the general department of Solacha and asked us to hand over those untouchables, or he would kill us all and scalp the base commander to make a holster!"
Wang Ning said, "You tell him that we have never seen any refugees. They are barking up the wrong tree!"
In the past, the officer grimaced and said, "We have been tracking us down. Don’t try to cheat us! Whoever dares to shield our enemy is our enemy! "
Wang Ning stubbornly said, "then let me be your enemy! Open your eyes and see clearly that this is the headquarters of the peacekeeping forces of the Republic of China, not the place where you run wild. Get out of here as soon as possible! "
The officer turned violently and shouted at his department, "Warriors, these aliens are trying to shield General Solacha’s enemies. What do you think we should do?"
Thousands of rebels shouted "kill them all!"
"Dig them up and cook!"
"Cut their heads and hang them on the bedside!"
"pry their skulls and light candles!"
Violent roar swept through the night like a storm, making people feel weak, but the base was quiet and quiet, as if thousands of people were killing without blinking an eye. The rebels were different. Every soldier, whether a peacekeeping engineer or a mercenary, clenched his weapon.
War is on the verge.
The third chapter outpost (3)
Liu Weiping, a rebel of the Republic peacekeeping force Solacha, was questioned by the special investigation team of the Military Commission when the jet lag in Beijing was small. He went too far in the Annan War, especially in the South China Sea War, which led to extremely serious consequences.
Minister of Political Affairs: "Why do you want to go its own way to trigger a war in the South China Sea and make the situation almost out of control?"
Liu Weiping "Because that is our best and last chance to solve the South China Sea issue, we will regret it if we miss it!"
Minister of Political Affairs "But do you know that all the diplomatic efforts of our country in the past 20 years have been wasted because you are bent on your own way?"
Liu Weiping said, "I know."
Minister, "Do you know that because of this war, everyone in Asia thinks that we are public enemies?"
Liu Weiping "I know"
Minister: "Your indiscretion has made the national international stage extremely passive!"
Liu Weiping "But we have taken the initiative in the South China Sea issue"
Minister, "You have us surrounded!"
Liu Weiping "But it also inspires the wildness and cohesion of foreigners. History has long proved that we are not afraid of foreign worries and troubles. When all foreign enemies are knocked down, we will inevitably start to consume ourselves. In the end, we will consume ourselves. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we have always maintained a high degree of centripetal force. That is because we are surrounded by enemies. Our territorial waters have been cruising for a long time, and several aircraft carriers and ships are located in the three northern areas. The long border of the Soviet Union is in danger of national subjugation and extinction! Under such great pressure, the people of our country are highly United, which makes the country dare not easily challenge our bottom line! Now that the Cold War pattern has undergone drastic changes, this long cold war will come to an end at the latest ten years, and we will also usher in a golden age of development … "
Several high-ranking figures shook their eyes and asked, "Since you know everything, why are you so impulsive to disrupt the historical development track?"
Liu Weiping: "Because I don’t want to see our country once again fall into the historical cycle where there is no foreign invasion, there will be worries. Since there is no enemy, we will start fighting. Why can’t we start to create some less powerful enemies for ourselves as soon as possible?" What’s more, these monkeys still occupy our territorial waters, which is even more unbearable! "
Minister: "We all know that the problem is that you have gone too far. Because of this battle, we lost a whole generation of naval elites. Such a serious loss is our law!"
The military representative suddenly spoke. "
The military regards this battle as a military history honor. "
The representative of the navy said, "This battle is the eternal pride of the navy."
The minister is somewhat choked.
Chief sternly said, "even if you are right, you should shoot such a serious thing without the consent of the military commission and ZongCan!" You have to know that the army is the most sophisticated machine, and everything must be closely meshed to keep it running efficiently. If you are as free as you want, the only result will be chaos. Is that what you want to see? "
Liu Weiping doesn’t talk.
The chief commander said, "You can’t shoot ten times for committing a crime. Seeing that you will make amends and command the army to win the naval battle, I will give you a chance to admit your mistake and write a good word of not less than 10,000 words to review your attitude of admitting your mistake. This matter is over."
Liu Weiping asked, "What if I don’t review?"
The general manager said, "You can choose one if you are suspended."
Liu Weiping said that everyone in the "I choose to suspend my post" place showed a look of regret. Even from the beginning, I was prepared to give Liu Weiping a lesson to let him know that everything should give priority to the core interests of the country, and the minister is no exception. Everyone knows that the future of this tartar is limitless, and it is rare for the country to be loyal. The suspension of an excellent general is definitely a heavy blow to his future. Maybe it will have a bad impact on his half life. This price is not too great, and it is a huge loss for him and the country!
The general manager was a little annoyed. "Are you really not considering it anymore?"
Liu Weiping was about to speak when the Minister coughed and said, "This Xiaoliu has made great contributions. His suspension is a bit too much. Why don’t you let him take a half-month vacation first? I believe he will figure out a lot of problems when he has this leisure time. Let’s stop here. Let’s come up with a plan to completely control the East China Sea and the South China Sea as soon as possible. This is a rare opportunity. If the iron is not hot, it is likely that those monkeys will dig up our territorial waters one by one …"
The minister said so. Everyone has different opinions and can swallow them. In fact, the generals have no problem with Liu Weiping. This question is a bit for the Ministry of Political Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It means that it is not a day or two since they want to fight this battle. Liu Weiping pushed hard behind them and made them famous in World War I. How can there be opinions? This guy is causing trouble every day. Yes, but everyone refuses to allow him to suspend his duties. Fortunately, the minister’s adult is still sensible. Hold it high and gently fall to everyone’s satisfaction.
The chief said, "No, he is too sexual. If this sex is not changed, it will destroy him sooner or later and even bring to the country."
Great disaster! We can’t spoil him like this any longer. I have decided that Major General Liu Weiping, the head of the military advisory group, will be responsible for the military assistance of the brotherly countries and come back as the teacher when he comes to his senses! "
The minister hesitated. "Is this … appropriate?"
The total length looked at Liu Weiping.
Liu Weiping said calmly, "I accept this life."
The minister asked, "Are you sure you don’t think about one any more?"
Liu Weiping said, "If you make a mistake, you have to pay the price. There is nothing to consider."
The minister sighed and left together.
The great men dispersed one after another, leaving Liu Weiping and the chief commander to sit face to face for a long time.
It took the chief commander a long time to ask, "Have you really considered it?"
Liu Weiping said, "I have considered it very clearly."
The chief asked, "why do you have to choose such a difficult road for yourself?" You know, if you stay in the country, even if you don’t make any great contributions, you can step by step with your previous achievements. Come on, I’m going to transfer you to the second department of ZongCan in half a year … "
Liu Weiping Nai shrugged and said, "I keep in mind that the chief cultivates me, but how can I put it? I’m really not suitable for step by step. I’m a natural troublemaker. If I want to be quiet, I might as well let me die."
The chief didn’t good the spirit say, "Stop smirking there and get serious! You know, if you accept this life, you will become the highest commander of the Yanlong Corps, that is, the head of mercenaries. Mercenaries are not protected by international conventions, and they will die in vain. If you encounter danger, the country may give you support by law rather than condemn you on specific occasions for diplomatic needs … Are you really ready to face these? "