A Jintai fan flies two people, and the forest-moving magic ape seems to have made a feeling. Generally, it turns out that it is once again chasing the two people with a step of shaking the earth.
Seeing this, Liu Kui’s face suddenly changed into a shape, and at the same time, his mouth shouted, "You won."
Hearing this, the pace of drinking the huge magic ape just stopped, and then the light surged and the magic ape dispersed. Lin’s body shape was also exposed. He twisted his body and looked at Liu Kui, who was still wanting more, and said goodbye.
Smell speech Liu Kui two people’s faces can’t help shaking-they are pressing people, but today it is Lin Dong who is pressing hard to continue to fight, but it is just a humanoid sandbag. When two people sigh hard, they stop playing.
Hehe chengrong
Looked at Lin also can’t help but laugh, he knew that this first round he was successfully passed Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Emperor Puying.
On the north side of the huge temple, there is a high wall. Mo Jingtian, Lin Fan and many other powerful people are gathered here. There is a field not far in front of them, which connects the temple. People who can walk through these five channels will get five places in this selection.
There are light curtains on the high wall, which are flashing with various situations in the temple. Among them, the figures are flashing and the hands are extremely fierce, while Lin Fan and others are staring at the light curtains and straining their bodies, showing that they are very nervous about this quota. Therefore, even though this selection is still in the first round, they dare not relax at all.
They swept their eyes and suddenly looked at a light curtain, where three figures appeared, and when they saw these three figures clearly, they were tutting.
That’s two small mountain families, isn’t it? It’s lucky that they got together.
Then the third one seems to be the Lin clan, the Lin clan. Khakhalin Brahman seems that your Lin clan is unlucky enough. This kind of probability can be met by a powerful Lord. When you turn your head and look to one side, Lin Brahman’s brow is also wrinkled because of the scene in the light curtain. Although this same sect of people got together in the first round, he has never seen it before, but the probability is quite low. I didn’t expect that it would be touched by Lin.
Khakhalin brahman patriarch looks like you will lose in the first round of Lin clan. A tanned middle-aged man looked at the screen but couldn’t help laughing.
It’s not good for Mengshan to be happy too early. Lin Fan glanced at this middle-aged man who is the patriarch of this mountain.
That is called Mengshan big fellow smiled, but his face could not conceal his schadenfreude. Lu Hou was one of them. Maybe he would be upset when he met Lin Dong, but today they are together at the same time. This kind of anxiety disappeared immediately because of his tacit understanding. Even if Lin Dong joined hands, he could fight for the first world war. Even if Lin Dong was in the limelight recently, he might not win if he wanted an enemy.
Everyone looked at the screen and seemed to want to see what the man of the hour was capable of in the Great Inflammation Dynasty recently.
Lin Brahman’s complexion is quite calm. He has seen the level of Lin Langtian’s war on that day, even if it is unusual, it is extremely difficult to win. Although Liu Kui claims to be able to compete with it, they don’t know that even if it is true, the winning rate will not exceed 30%. Otherwise, Lin Zhi will not be beaten by Lin.
And in the crowd watching the screen, the three men also quickly exhibited atrix, but with the passing of time, Mengshan’s face gloated more and more, because the winning situation in his imagination did not happen now, but instead, Liu Kui and his two men were overwhelmed by the forest.
Especially in the final blow, it seems that the curtain is shaking around, and the main faces of those forces are flashing with a look of surprise, and then the eyes are slightly dignified and looking at the huge far-reaching ape in the curtain.
Hehe, the patriarch of Mengshan has accepted.
Lin Fan looked at the curtain of the tie and smiled, and then gave a sudden livid face, and Mengshan arched his hand. Now their two competitions in the mountain were directly brought to the end in the first round by Lin, which made him almost impulsive.
It’s fucking bad luck.
Mengshan grim-faced can mercilessly wave his sleeve robe. He also didn’t expect Lin’s strength to be so tough that even Liu Kui joined hands to get no benefit in his hands.
Haha, Brother Gong Lin and Brother Fan have joined the Lin clan. Both of them have made it through the first round, but some influential leaders around them are smiling and congratulating them.
Lin Fan smiled and reciprocated one by one. When Lin Dong successfully defeated Liu Kui, the other curtain Lin Langtian also easily defeated his two opponents, so Lin Dong Lin Langtian almost entered the round smoothly.
I don’t know who their opponent will be.
Looking at the screen, Lin Fan’s eyes became dignified gradually because he was better in the first round, but then it would be really tricky. After all, people who can enter the first round are definitely the best of these geniuses. I almost ran into those people who have the most chance to win places, so I’m afraid it would really be a bitter war.
The next two rounds are the most important two rounds in the selection.
In the hall, when Liu Kui gave up, the bronze door in the north of the hall was closed slowly, and Lin took a deep breath without much hesitation and stepped in directly.