At this moment, the nine grievances suddenly rang one by one, and it was even more obvious that the sound waves of the ripples were coming towards the four people.

This is the talent of nine resentments, and the magical power can shock people with a roar, which is not to say that it can make them weaker than him and collapse the Yuan God and die.
Of course, Li Yueling and other magical powers want to hurt them with this magical power, but they can’t, but it is enough to make four people lag.
The first one to recover from the shock and roar of nine grievances was Sun Wu, who was born a stone monkey. He must have been infected with these magical powers. At this moment, nine grievances have spread their wings and become a small black spot in the sky. He can’t help but be short of breath. This devil is also devious.
Because Sun Wuzhi knew that it was difficult to catch up with the nine grievances even though the somersault cloud speed was difficult, but he didn’t catch up with the former.
Don’t want to at the moment is from nine hatred shock roar Li Yueling is a wave of his hand a colorful clouds metamorphoses.
Aside Sun Wu Avenue, haha, how could I forget you, brother? Haha, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, brother. You stop that fellow first, and I’ll come later.
Li Yueling also dare not delay more. Although the speed of colorful fairy clouds is the top order, it is obvious that the speed of nine grievances is absolutely not much slower.
Today is a moment, and I can’t delay it. Li Yueling has not yet responded. One sentence is that I nodded my head, and I have already stepped on the colorful fairy clouds and gone far and wide towards the sky.
It’s hard to shout for a rapid escape, but I never thought that people in this world could chase after themselves. When his four wings were on display, he was born with a sense of looking back. He couldn’t help but be stunned to see a tent of Fiona Fang ten zhangs and colorful clouds set foot on a five-color fairy armor man thousands of zhangs behind him, and the distance was much closer when he looked back.
Today, Li Yueling has pushed the colorful fairy clouds to the limit, and has driven more than a thousand feet away. Seeing the nine grievances is also a drum to try its best to flap its wings and fly. Li Yueling decided to raise his hand and offer a sacrifice to kunlun mirror Kunlun, where you can resist his mirror.
Kunlun mirror has to diffract thousands of feet at the moment. Yin Hui, this piece of Yin Hui, is suddenly condensed into a piece of cloth. Generally, the silver rainbow is condensed now. Although it can’t stand still, it has won enough time for Li Yueling to intercept it in one fell swoop.
After the successful interception, Li Yueling didn’t see the slightest slack in raising his hand, but he had already pinched the nine golden seals of the forbidden decision. As Li Yueling’s words were scattered, a small imprisonment circle was formed in the surrounding area in an instant. Although it was not powerful, it was less effective to stop the nine grievances from turning around. This skill also came from the tower of hades.
Don’t take the last words, you’re dead set. Li Yueling’s light rebuke has already sacrificed the incomparable power. At the same time, kunlun mirror also removed the mirror light and flew back to Li Yueling’s hands
At the same time, two pieces of Taigu congenital Lingbao were urged by Li Yueling with the strongest power.
Whether you are the devil of chaos or not, today the emperor wants to kill the effect.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven True fire refining
Later, when Sun Wu and others arrived, they saw that Li Yueling was standing alone with his hands on the cloud. His face was quite pale and his mouth was smiling.
Li Laodi even your colorful fairy clouds can’t chase Sun Wu’s distress and sigh a way
Although the devil is superb with oil on the soles of his feet, it is not difficult to chase him. Li Yueling chuckled with a smile. Brother Sun, it’s time for you to come. I need to breathe back to Yuan for a moment. The devil in kunlun mirror was refined by three people. Li Yueling was always unable to suppress his chest, blood and gas, and his mouth was slightly pale with golden blood.
It’s almost impossible to make the avatar vomit blood when his magical power has reached the level of Li Yueling, unless he meets a very powerful opponent and suffers enough damage to his strength.
Bro, you’re hurt because Sun Wu, the devil with nine grievances, saw Li Yueling’s mouth bleeding and didn’t listen to the second half of the sentence. Immediately, he took Li Yueling’s pulse and entered a very pure immortal force. At the same time, Li Yueling’s pale face was much better.
Might as well things can be in addition to the nine grievances devil suffered a little injury, but it is also worth Li Yueling’s taking kunlun mirror to Sun Wu’s hand. Although the younger brother will blast hundreds of pieces into the world of kunlun mirror mirror, the devil has not been destroyed. Today, the younger brother will take a breath here and the three will work together to thoroughly refine the future trouble forever.
Zhenyuan is also crossing into Li Yueling’s body with his cultivation of hundreds of thousands of pure Daoyuan at the moment to help him crush and suffer. However, he listened to Li Yueling’s foreword and couldn’t help but be surprised. Brother has sealed the devil. That’s really great. Wait for it to be thoroughly refined. The four of us are left with two demons.
But it’s a sure win
This bothers the three elder brothers. Li Yueling’s injury caused by the desperate counterattack of nine grievances is not serious, but he can’t adjust his breath back to Yuan in a short time. However, he doesn’t want to talk about it any more. He nodded his head and replied. After the younger brother recovered, the two elder brothers elaborated on the devil’s hand.
Say Li Yueling according to the cloud head in a towering mountain, live in a circle of ten feet, Fiona Fang cloth, a small forbidden cross-legged sitting in it, running immortal pranayama back to Yuan.
Sun Wuxin took Li Yueling’s injury to be rushed away, but it was the town yuan who took Li Laodi, the moral brother. The injury was not as serious as you think. It was only when he vomited blood that he took the opportunity to remove the residual magic Shaqi. Today, he first sealed the body of the devil in the mirror and thoroughly refined it.
Having said this,
Zhenyuan’s heart is even more shocked that Li Yueling’s terrible thing can be dismembered and sealed by a chaotic devil at the cost of a little damage in this short time. Even today, Suoji, the palm water god, can do it.
In fact, Zhenyuan thinks too much. If it comes to personal strength, even Li Yueling, who is pregnant with two innate treasures, is at most equal to him. It is because of a series of designs that this amazing ending can be achieved.
One is that Li Yueling didn’t struggle when he stopped nine grievances.
I am thinking of continuing to escape and returning to my lair first. Besides, I have lost my desperate heart and nine grievances. Secondly, the array of gods is destroyed by all kinds of demons. The main array of people is also greatly depleted. Even if his chaotic magic body is also consumed by the collapse of this law in a short time, Thailand’s semi-strength will not be Li Yueling’s mistake.
However, there is a bigger gap between the two, and the third is that Li Yueling has a very fast hand and one hand is the winner. kunlun mirror, these two ancient fairy treasures, can do their best. It’s really awesome and it’s a surprise attack, which has played an important role in raiders.
It is also in such circumstances that Li Yueling will be dismembered in an instant and will be sealed in kunlun mirror. Even if Li Yueling wants to pick up nine grievances one by one, there is absolutely no such speed.
Even if you pay the price, it will be more than spitting blood.
Town yuan is sun Wu less gas after a few people listen to what he said, but also by anxious heart will hand kunlun mirror meet a throw way this magic cub incredibly dare to hurt my old brother Ma Lian immediately refined it into fly ash is cheaper for him.
Besides, three people in Sun Wu Town, Yuanjiro Zhenjun, sacrificed their lives to refine the body of kunlun mirror, and sealed it with a hundred sections of nine grievances. After a short breath on the top of the mountain, Li Yueling was already in the dreamland, but his body was damaged and he was in the earth, and the immortal force was quickly restored.
Before you know it, it’s been three days and nights. Li Yueling suddenly opened his eyes and saw a huge light group with three-color flashes shining overhead. He already knew that Sun Wu and others had not been able to complete refining and nine complaints.
After three days’ recovery, Li Yueling was completely recovered, and immediately prompted the colorful fairy clouds to meet, but in a blink of an eye, he was already in the tricolor light group, but he saw Sun Wu Town, Yuan Erlang, and the three men were in a triangle, and kunlun mirror was surrounded by the central government. Everyone was pushing a palm and diffracting a bright fire into the kunlun mirror.
See three people to look tired Li Yueling also don’t hesitate to fly three elder brother younger brother also to add fuel to the fire.
Li Yueling’s life is the true fire, which is the most integrated fire. The power of Zhong Yunzu’s flame is stronger than that of Sun Wu and others combined.
After three days and nights of continuous refining, 100 pieces of magic resin have been refined by three people for seven times. At this moment, Li Yueling has been joined by such a vital force. It has been another hour that the last piece of magic resin sealed in kunlun mirror has been completely refined.
From then on, it is impossible for the world to be chaotic. The name "Nine Complaints" won Li Yueling’s efforts to refine and refine the nine complaints. After Zhenyuan’s hard work, Li Laodi really laughed. I think the first person in the purple mansion world is you.
Being able to get this level of praise from Zhenyuan is sure to show how shocking Li Yueling’s single-handedly exterminating the magic was to him.
It’s just a chance. Elder brother, don’t take this first person to hurt me again. Hey, hey, Li Yueling has never taken the title seriously. He smiled and laughed. Today, there are still two demons left, and it will take more time to recover according to the younger brother’s disappointment. At that time, we will wait for the four of us to storm hand in hand and take the remaining two demons to refine and return the fairy star to a happy place.
It’s true that Li Yueling’s words of refining and refining have won the town Yuan Sun WuErlang Zhenjun’s consumption is also quite large, so the three of them should sit in vain and adjust their breath back to Yuan and oppose Li Yueling’s dharma, and the three of them can have no worries.
A Tsing Yi man and another black man in Wuzhuang Temple looked fierce. After a long time, the Tsing Yi man took the lead in stopping his fingers and frowning. The third brother has been gone for three days, but he hasn’t seen his return yet. But it turns out that even the secret arithmetic method can measure his recent situation. The second brother, you are better than me in calculating magical powers.