"Princess Huanzhu" Er Kang even carried the body back, but it turned out that he was still alive. I feel that my popularity must be able to create this miracle! She can’t give up. Never give up!

Night hangs over the wasteland of South Africa. There is a kind of original fear, and all kinds of weirdness make people nervous. The man with a cylindrical thigh injury in the tribal square has been exposed to the sun for a day, and the night has long been astringent and trembling in the face of the sharp temperature change.
It’s winter in South Africa, and when there is sunshine during the day, it’s just the same for people not to feel cold at night. No one seems to be disgusted and reviled at his recognition.
Lu Fengxing pursed his lips and woke himself up. This is a special field training arranged by the army. Just stick to it.
Persistence must persist!
But the cold and fatigue still hit the injured man. In such a temperature-free night, the man still lost all his intuition.
In the Emirates big bed, Gillell has been tied up in a big word and humiliated by the old man’s various needs.
At the moment, the old man is really tired, sleeping like a dead pig beside the woman, and no one gives her a hand and foot. It seems that she should be such a naked man, and there is no need to hide her thoughts. It seems to be obscene and disgusting to feel the beauty in a room.
There is a burning brazier in the house, and the temperature is still very warm. Even if it is not covered, I can’t feel the chill, but what is going on outside is too clear for Jill. She hopes that God can give more protection to men and not let him wander on the line of life and death again.
☆, Chapter 33
China’s major financial newspapers and periodicals invariably reported the same news-the unfortunate fate of the owner of the b&l regiment in South Africa’s B&L regiment quietly changed hands. In the report, it was reported that Yuan Jiu had changed hands easily, and the blame was already pointed at Lu Dayi.
Knock, knock-
Almost as early as the class, it didn’t take long for Hao Cheng’s office to be secretly knocked. "Miss Li, General Manager Cheng, is here!"
"I’m here without your notice!" Is almost the secret sound just fell Li Mengmeng has directly pushed the door and came in.
"You go!" Cheng Haonai waved at the secret.
"Give me a cup of coffee by the way!" Li Mengmeng you’re welcome to arrange the Hao Cheng secret.
Section 429
"My coffee here is not as delicious as you think. Someone like you should go to the coffee shop in Lou!" Hao Cheng has no patience with Li Mengmeng. It’s okay to face it at home. Now even the class can’t be quiet
"If you are willing to accompany me downstairs, of course I would like to go to the store for a decent cup of coffee!" Li Mengmeng’s antipathy to Hao Cheng was automatically eliminated.
"Miss, not everyone can have food and clothing without much effort. I need my own decent life and necessary labor. I hope you can disturb me less!" Hao Cheng bowed their heads and continued to review the document, intending to ignore the woman.
"Lao also depends on whether it makes sense!" Li Mengmeng didn’t seem to satisfy Hao Cheng’s meaning, so he left his newspaper on Hao Cheng’s desk casually.
Looking up at the eye-catching topic, Hao Cheng showed no interest. "Miss Da, this is no longer news. I know it very well. Thank you!"
"I’m afraid you know it’s in lead!" Before Hao Cheng marching orders, Li Mengmeng took the words.
"What do you mean?" Hao Cheng frowned. He had to admit that he had never thought too clearly about this result, and he always felt that it was easy to touch any sensitive topic.
"If you are interested, go with me for coffee!" Li Mengmeng got up from his chair. "If you don’t want to disappoint Lujia, I advise you to come with me!"
Knock, knock-
"Miss Li, your coffee!" Secret cautiously came in with coffee, and everyone knew that this Li Dajie was not easy to serve.
"I always have to accompany me to have coffee before I can!" Before the secret came, it was simply rejected by Li Mengmeng. The secret was carrying coffee and cast a silly glance at a man with a dull face.
"Take it out!" Hao Cheng gave the secret the final answer, and the secret forced him to turn away, while Li Mengmeng’s lip angle evoked a queen-like victory radian
Naiqi tidied up a suit and West Hao Cheng walked out of his desk. "I hope everything you said is true and well-founded!"
"When did I talk to you sexually?" Li Mengmeng took the man’s arm seriously. "I don’t think you will be disappointed if you cooperate well!"
The man secretly took a deep breath and suddenly felt that it was a good choice for Yao Jia to go to Hong Kong. Otherwise, he would have broken his heart by hanging around his eyelids every day. He did not remove his arm, which had been surrounded by women. Cheng Hao walked out of his office with a slightly numb face and Li Mengmeng.
"Come on, what’s the point?" Just sitting in the coffee shop to Hao Cheng, I asked questions.
"What would you like to drink? Cappuccino or latte? " Women don’t seem to have heard the man’s question and studied the menu in their hands.
"Whatever!" Men always talk to women.
"Is there anything here?" Li Mengmeng seriously looked at the waiter who was in charge of ordering food next to him.
"Sorry, we don’t have it here!" The waiter explained with a smile.
"What should we do? Our gentleman seems to want something casual!" The woman looked at the waiter with a melodramatic face.
"Give me a latte!" Maybe I don’t like the fact that women are difficult for waiters, or maybe I hope to get to a meaningful link as soon as possible. Hao Cheng directly reported his own coffee
"Give me a cappuccino, please!" Li Mengmeng was satisfied with the menu and handed it to the waiter. It seems that the winner is always the same as her in every confrontation with men. She enjoys such a victory.
"I think you will always hold it casually!"
"I’m not that naive!"
"There’s nothing wrong with being naive!"
"That should also be qualified. If everyone is childlike, it is estimated that half of the people on the earth will have no way to live!" Although knowing that talking to women is a bit like casting pearls before swine, Hao Cheng can’t help but sigh.
"Well, then you can regard me as a fairy sister who doesn’t eat people and fireworks!"
What does a woman feel can always float to the sky? Hao Cheng always understood this point. This kind of confidence is really not for everyone, at least he never had it.
"The reaction doesn’t need to be so exaggerated!" Looking at a huge cough man Li Mengmeng face with anger.
"I’m sorry I was choked by saliva!" This sentence of man is absolutely true, but the reason behind choking on saliva is also obvious.
"Hum-"Li Mengmeng cold hum at the sight of coffee has been brought up and also too lazy to care about men.
"Can you tell me now?" Hao Cheng is very sure about his building. Even if a woman’s face is not good-looking, she should ask.