His face turned cold and said, "OK, let’s have another game, but I don’t think losing to the net is exciting enough. How about adding more yards?"

"What do you want?" Two people immediately looked at Ye Qing nervously.
"Lost in addition to see me after the net have to respectfully call a brother! This is not difficult, right? I am your brother! " Leaf tilt is very serious tunnel
They have always looked down upon Ye Qing’s nature, and they have no respect for Ye Qing at all. They have never called Ye Qing as an elder brother, and they are all on a first-name basis. They are embarrassed to hear Ye Qing’s remarks, but this request is not too much, so they nodded and agreed.
In the second game, the map was changed to desert 1d, and the cousin suggested changing it because he thought he was better at playing this map. Ye Qing smiled when he saw this map. Don’t you know that the old marksmanship was practiced on this map?
After a fight, Ye Qing ak killed two people like a plug-in, but Pearl Krabs didn’t show much. Perhaps she saw Ye Qing wanted to teach these two people a lesson. She was almost always playing a cover role next to Yuzryha to deal with them alone.
In the end, Ye Qing won by a big score. The two cousins took off their headphones with a sad expression and dared not look at Ye Qing. Ye Qing put the headphones on the table and clapped his hands. "Hey, I didn’t equip myself. If I had my own keyboard and mouse, I might play better!"
Two cousins almost freaked out when they heard this. What do you want? Wait. Equip yourself? Playing an F and having your own keyboard and mouse are very professional. Are you a professional player?
The two immediately turned their eyes to Ye Qing Ye Qing and smiled. "Why don’t you call me brother when you look at me?"
The two were very reluctant to call a "brother!"
"Good remember after see I have to call elder brother! Willing to lose the bet! I’m leaving. Give me the net! " Ye Qing said hello to Pearl Krabs, then dropped the game and qq and got up and left smartly.
The two cousins looked at each other, and both of them were still worried about Ye Qing’s ak marksmanship. It was so abnormal that they would be killed almost by a face-to-face. The senior cousin suddenly reacted and sat down in front of Ye Qing’s computer to carefully check the column and process to see if there was any abnormal software. He wondered if Ye Qing was a plug-in.
After searching for a while, he was disappointed to let go of the mouse because he couldn’t find anything. The cousin of junior year leaned in and said, "Do you think he will be a professional player?"
"He? It’s unlikely! Didn’t you say that he has no job? " Senior cousin can’t believe the tunnel
"Don’t you know if Baidu checks it?"
"But in case he doesn’t have a name, where can Baidu find it? Besides, if he is famous, how can we not know? "
"Maybe we didn’t notice it. By the way, I saw his id and team name in the game just now. If he has participated in professional competitions, he will definitely be able to find it!"
"That’s right, I check one! What’s his id again? I what is the city, right? "
"Yes, the team’s name is ieream ice cream. It’s disgusting!"
My senior cousin immediately entered the name of I club and Ye Qing id in Baidu, and then a lot of information came out. Because I club won the championship in Qilele Cup and Ye Qing was called God of War, naturally someone established Baidu Encyclopedia.
When they saw Baidu Encyclopedia, they were dumbfounded. The words "Qi Lele Cup champion", "losing three super teams in a row" and "God of War" made the two unable to believe their eyes.
Chapter 94 The Ministry was shocked
The post-generation is very unhappy, and the times are very embarrassing. The important positions to make money and business are all occupied by the post-six and post-seven. Facing the competition, the salary is very high, the house price is low and the life is quite difficult.
Since childhood, I have grown up in the questioning of my elders. This generation of elders are very strange. Before you succeed in doing something well, they always say that you are not cut out for it. You should get a job seriously.
They always think that it’s the right way to be a public servant and join the company class. If you do other things, they think that when you go astray, for example, after playing game games, this generation will almost come into contact with game consoles from the earliest red and white machine to the arcade to the three kingdoms, street fighter, king of fighters column and so on, and then to ps, bo36 and brain games.
It can be said that the post-90s witnessed the whole game development history, unlike the post-90s and post-90s, when they almost came into contact with brain games and mobile games. After they never played the previous games, they were called the Beat Generation by their elders because they came into contact with too many games.
After playing games, parents always think that this generation can’t do it, and the elders usually think that you can’t succeed no matter what you do. Few words of encouragement are almost a blow to you, but once you succeed and make achievements, their views change completely.
The former elders may say that it is definitely a success to be a beggar when you grow up. When you succeed, they will immediately say, I knew it long ago. You see how well you are getting along now, and then you will compare yourself with your children and take the successful person as an example.
Ye Qing grew up in the middle of the attack. These elders all thought that he could not do anything and could not achieve anything. At dinner, the two cousins sincerely saw Ye Qing bite by bite and looked unusually respectful.
That big cousin thinks it’s strange that these guys went out to play games all afternoon and became so affectionate so late. It’s a bit unusual! You know, those two cousins are also arrogant people who have always looked down on Ye Qing. How can they be called Brother Ye Qing?
Ye Qing also felt strange that these two guys were still very angry. Now I feel very willing to call my brother. Moreover, Ye Qing did not allow two people to call him to agree to check the posture, and Ye Qing agreed to one.
"Brother, let’s go to the Internet cafe again after dinner. I also play ak and teach me how to practice marksmanship as well as you, ok?"
"Elder brother, do you have a high bonus when you win the championship? Are there any female fans who give you flowers? "
"Brother, why don’t you get me a ticket for the game and I’ll go to the scene?"
"Elder brother to eat this dish, this dish is delicious. Is the female player who plays with you today also a professional player? Is it a team with you? "
"Elder brother, you are a team captain, can you recruit me? I also want to be a professional player. How handsome! "
Two cousins sat on both sides of Ye Qing and kept talking about Ye Qing. This is why the two men changed their attitude. It turned out that they knew his professional identity and also knew that he had won the Qi Lele Cup Championship. These two men worshipped him very much.
The big cousin saw these two sycophants face to face with disdain, but he ate alone and no one spoke to him. He felt psychologically unbalanced. Hearing these two words, he interjected, "What professional player? What game, captain, what are you talking about! "
"F do you understand you? Don’t interrupt if you don’t understand! " My junior cousin is very unhappy and responded that these people are not pleasing to the eye with each other, and they are all arrogant people. Naturally, you are welcome and have no respect at all.
“f? What the hell must be some stupid game? A group of 2b! " Big cousin is very despised tunnel
As soon as he said this, he angered not only his two cousins, but also Ye Qing. He can’t allow others to insult his favorite game. That’s his career. His dream is not to defile him when he was about to speak. Who knows those two guys are even more angry? One of them shouted, "You are the 2b. You have the guts to challenge Brother Qing and not blow you up!"
Big cousin shook his head and said, "Why are you so excited? I’m not interested in playing that thing."
"I’m not interested in what you say!"
"Who said you silly fork? Always your brother, do you know how to respect your brother! " Big cousin immediately nu "teng" to get up and then pointed to the senior cousin shouted.
My senior cousin is not afraid, but he is also tit for tat. "I have heard of respecting the old and loving the young, but are you very old?" Being younger than you is called being young. Have you ever loved me? Just say you are stupid. What’s the matter? " My senior cousin is also quite tall and angry, which is quite bluffing.
"Looking for death!" Big cousin directly raised his fist and was about to fight. As a result, Ye Qing grabbed his arm and couldn’t move immediately. The elders at the next table saw that this table was eating and eating, and they were about to fight. They all rushed to stop the fight.
The parents of the two parties are asking what happened in succession. After knowing clearly, the big cousin’s mother suddenly got excited and strutted. "What am I supposed to do? It’s not a serious thing to play games. Isn’t it reasonable?"
My senior cousin is very angry. "You don’t understand that there are more people playing games to make a lot of money now. Brother Qing is that he is a professional player. Do you know what a professional player is? It’s just that people who specialize in playing games are awesome, just like basketball and football. There are a lot of spectators at the scene, and then they play games in Taiwan and win the championship. There are a lot of bonuses. I heard that a team playing Warcraft won 5 million bonuses. "
"what! ? Five million? Brag about it! " Big cousin’s mother is unbelievable tunnel
"I’m not bragging. Look it up on the Internet yourself! Brother Qing won a championship and must have a lot of money, right? " Senior cousin looked at Ye Qing way
Ye Qing is very sarcastic. This guy has revealed himself in front of so many people. Everyone’s eyes are focused on him, and his parents are looking at him. He hopes that he can give a statement. He has to nod his head and say, "But now there is a regular game in playing games. In fact, I play games instead of ordinary online games. It is competitive and has been recognized by the state. I am now a professional player with the same nature as a professional basketball player."
"ah? Are you a professional player? Then why didn’t you tell us? Does that have a base salary? " Leaf tilt father is very anxious to ask a way
"Whether it is very high depends on getting bonuses," Ye Qing explained.
"How much can you earn a month now?" Ye Qing’s father then asked him that he was the person who wanted his son to become a success most. For many years, he talked about his daughter in front of relatives and friends. He was never proud of Ye Qing. Even if Ye Qing won the championship in school long-distance running, he felt that there was no promise. After all, it was impossible to get ahead by that, and China produced a Liu Xiang.
Ye Qing roughly calculated it and then honestly said, "I am now the captain of the team and the general manager of the club. I can get more than 7,000 a month without competition. Recently, I made a bonus of 200,000 plus the championship bonus. My current model is probably less than 300,000."
Ye Qing said that the 200,000 bonus was that the club moved to claim liquidated damages from the landlord and refunded the rent for one year. At that time, he directly used it as a bonus and gave it to the players. He also got 200,000 himself.
Ye Qing’s parents were shocked when they heard this. Obviously, they didn’t expect Ye Qing to have this ability. Actually, there are more than 200,000 yuan, and Ye Qing still got so much money in less than a year, which means that Ye Qing can get 300,000 yuan a year according to the annual salary.
You know, the big cousin can get 10,000 yuan a year at the very most, which is already a very high salary. It is also six or seven thousand yuan a month. I heard that Ye Qing’s salary is so high, and the rest of his relatives are also quite shocked. The big cousin suddenly lost his sense of superiority and said nothing like a defeated cock.
Big cousin’s mother is also embarrassed. Originally, she was regarded as the most unpromising person, but the person with the highest salary made her feel ashamed because her salary was only over 60 thousand a year, and others were almost five times as much as her.
Ye Qing’s father suddenly felt proud that his son had such a strong ability to earn money that everyone thought he didn’t have a good job. It turned out that he had never said anything, perhaps because he was afraid that everyone wouldn’t understand his job.
Ye Qing’s mother was very pleased and went to hit Ye Qing affectionately. "It’s disgusting that you are so small that you even hide it from me and your father!"
Ye Qing scratched his head embarrassedly. "I don’t want to say that I don’t think there is anything to say, and I want to tell you after winning a few more championships."
Big cousin’s mother didn’t want to lose face so much, so she insisted, "How is it possible to earn so much money just by listening to his words and playing games?" Just talk, I will. Can you prove that you really earned that much money? "
Ye Qing is very self-conscious. How can he stand such a relative? He is so upset that he simply doesn’t want to talk to that relative. But people ask themselves this question in front of so many people. If they don’t answer, it is estimated that everyone will think it is true.
"Why should I prove it to you? In case there is really so much money in my bank card, aren’t you ashamed? " Ye Qing sneered that he didn’t care whether he respected his elders or not at this time because he was extremely unhappy.
Chapter 95 Directly frighten silly