It’s not that she doesn’t believe Qin Yinze, but that she doesn’t dare to believe the contract.

Today, when I had lunch with Shen Lingxi, Qin Leran secretly thought that it would be nice if Shen Lingxi and his fierce brother were engaged in a fake way.
I had such an idea at noon, and I got news from Qin Yinze that their engagement was false at noon. It was not a coincidence that it was unbelievable.
"If you want this thing to be true, then you believe it is true. If you don’t want this thing to be true, then you believe it is not true." Qin Yinze sat next to her. "But you are so clever, don’t you still think?"
"Thank you for your kindness. I know what I should do." Qin Leran admitted that Qin Yinze’s words are very reasonable. Anyway, no matter whether my brother and Shen Lingxi contract or not, she will stay with my brother.
Every day, he tortures himself in his heart, simply believing that this thing is true and doing what he wants generously.
"I said you don’t have to thank me for these things, not that I want to do it for you, but that my father arranged it." Qin Yinze wanted it not that she thanked her, but that she should be white.
"Then I still want to thank you!" Qin Leran politely said that he moved some distance to the left. "If you don’t give me these materials, I can’t rest assured that I will be with my brother. I really want to thank you."
"My brother! Brother Lie! Your brother again! Don’t you see anyone but him? " He looked at her with fierce eyes. "Qin Leran, you are so clever. You won’t know what I’m thinking, will you?"
Of course she knows!
It is because she knows what’s on his mind that she wants to stay away from him and don’t let him have wild thoughts about her.
"However …" Qin Yinze suddenly told Qin Leran to vomit a warm breath in her ear. "If my father didn’t tell me, I would never tell you this. I wish your generation would never know the truth. I wish Nan Zhai married Shen Lingxi … I wish you could never be with him."
"Qin Yinze, do you know your last name?" Qin Leran stepped back and pulled Qin Yinze away again. "I’ll tell you the truth today. I’ll tell you in vain. Even without my strong brother, it’s impossible for you and me to ask you not to have other ideas about me."
"Without your brother, we are not possible? Really? " Qin Yinze grabbed her hand and said darkly, "Do you want to try to get rid of your fierce brother?"
"Don’t you dare!" Qin Leran bit his teeth. "I told you that if you dare to hurt him, I will never let you go."
"Ah …" Qin Yinze sneered again and again. "Qin Leran, don’t be so cruel or I don’t even know what I will do."
Qin Yinze’s eyes are cold and somewhat cold. It really looks like a wolf who has been hungry for a long time and finally emits light when he meets his prey-fierce and evil.
It’s better for such people not to be provoked.
Qin Leran quietly took a gasp. "Well, then I won’t tell you malicious words. You are also an adult in your twenties, right? Then you can find a girl who likes you and likes you to have a good relationship."
Qin Yinze increased the strength of holding her wrist and said, "Because I am a Qin domestic, you can’t look at me? Want to push me to others? "
"Because your surname is Qin!" Qin Leran bit his teeth and slowly spat out a word from her mouth.
In her heart, she never looked down on Qin Yinze because he was born. She didn’t want to be close to him because when he came to the Qin family, her heart was occupied by a big brother named "Fierce Brother".
"What if my last name is not Qin?" He tugged at her hand tightly, looked her in the eye and asked slowly.
"You don’t name is qin? You don’t want to recognize mom and dad? So what’s your last name? " Qin Leran lightly ask
Section 437
Hearing her words, Qin Yinze slowly loosened Qin Leran’s hand and stared at her for half an instant. After all, he slowly moved his eyes and got up and left.
When he walked to the door, he suddenly looked back at her for a long time and turned away without saying a word.
As soon as she left, Qin Leran was greatly relieved. Today, her words are white enough. I hope Qin Yinze can also think white.
Quiet, Qin Leran. Look out the window again. It’s getting dark. This day has passed again.
How time flies!
The day was over before the business was done.
Just as she sighed, Brother Liede called. With Brother Liede, it’s really convenient for her to set up her own mobile phone bell, so she can know people without looking at the phone or listening to it.
"Brother Lie, have you finished the meeting?" She asked sweetly
"Well, I just came out of the conference room." Nan Zhai listened to Qin Leran from the handset.
"Did you miss me when you called me just after the meeting?" Before he could answer, my brother must be thinking about her.
Qin Leran was so happy that she hit a roll on the sofa and accidentally fell to the ground, causing her to scream.
Nan Zhai asked, "What happened to Ran Ran?"
"I’m so happy to have received my brother’s words that I fell off the sofa." Qin Leran honestly explained the situation.
"Silly girl" Qin Leran can feel that his lips are slightly raised and must be laughing at her.
Qin Leran asked, "Brother Lie, have you finished everything today?"
Nan Zhai "has something to deal with"
Qin Leran: "Why don’t you get busy first and I’ll invite you to dinner later when you’re finished?"
Nan Zhai "Oh? But you want to invite me to dinner? "
Qin Leran said in a hurry, "Yes! Yeah! I personally cook and cook. Brother Lie, would you like to attend? "
Mom often tells her that if you like someone, you can’t help but want him to cook all kinds of delicious food so that he can eat happily at every meal.
When my mother is not working, she will cook for my father herself. Now that I think about it, it is really such a thing.
Qin Leran also wants to learn from his mother and dedicate his cooking for the first time to the most fierce brother in most love.
"Well, I’m going to have a good taste of Ran Ran’s craft tonight." Even though I knew that Qin Leran had never cooked, the food she cooked was likely to be difficult to swallow, Nan Zhai agreed.
"Then it’s a deal. I’m going to prepare for my brother. See you later!" As Qin Leran was about to hang up, she suddenly remembered that she didn’t know what Liege likes to eat, and quickly asked, "Liege, wait, you haven’t told me what you want to eat?"
"I like to eat everything if I cook it naturally," Nan Zhai said.
"Well, I’ll hang up." Then Qin Leran hung up.