"I’m still worried"

How to say don’t listen to Qin Yue also don’t say, embrace Jane’s head and kiss.
Sometimes talking, regardless of action, is more effective than anything else.
It is agreed that today is the two of them, and it is the two of them. No matter who or Xiao Ran, he doesn’t want anyone to disturb him.
Jane pushed Qin Yue, but this man is very strong. He looks thin in his clothes at ordinary times, but his body is very strong, as if he were exercising all the year round.
Maybe he exercises. There is a gym in Nuoyuan, but she didn’t see him exercise.
Later, the more Qin Yue kissed, the deeper he kissed, and he lost his thinking ability. His head was in a daze as if he saw another Qin Yue kissing another Jane.
It’s also overbearing. It’s irresistible. It’s like trying to suck her soul away
Unconsciously, Jane reached out and gently hugged Qin Yuejing’s thin waist and tried to respond to his kiss.
The more I kissed her, the more familiar I felt, as if he had kissed her like this.
Chapter 266 Check the reason
I don’t know how long it took until it seemed that Qin Yue had stopped this sweet kiss.
Jane blushed and snuggled up in his arms, and her little heart kept jumping and hanging her head and didn’t dare to look at him.
How can this man stop her from saying anything in this way? Did he treat her like this before?
Seeing such shyness and cuteness, Jane Qin Yue was in a good mood and bowed her head in her face. She hugged her tightly in her arms again and again and called her name "Jane-"
"Huh?" Jane softly crooned on Qin Yue’s chest and still didn’t have the courage to look up at him.
Qin Yue gently rubbed her jaw against the top of her head and said, "Whether you can remember the past or not, you should remember that I am your husband, Xiao Ran, but your child, and we are all your most solid backing."
Jane raised her head from his arms and looked at him firmly and softly. "Qin Yue, I can’t trust you 100% because I can’t remember the past. Are you white?"
Before she found out that she had been poisoned, every time she saw her father’s eyes, she was so kind and gentle, and she was considerate everywhere.
She was so afraid that Qin Yue would be as kind to her as his father and carry her behind her back … She didn’t know what would happen if she betrayed her once and could bear it again.
If she encounters such a betrayal blow before she gets her memory back, she thinks she should go crazy.
"No, no matter how long I wait, I will wait for you." Not simply, I believe him 100% quickly and just want him to protect her and not let her get hurt again.
He always says no.
He always said he would wait for her.
He always said to make her believe him.
From the first time I saw him when I returned to Jiangbei, he was always by her side silently protecting her.
When she has nightmares, he will pull her out of them.
When she didn’t even know she was a drug addict, he was with her to help her get clean.
When she hesitate to help, he will always appear at her side for that first time and tell her-Jane, I am here!
Jane, I’m here!
How simple four words is so reassuring.
Jane quietly took a gasp and nodded, "Well, I’ll try."
She will try her best to find her past memories and try to get back to her father and daughter as soon as possible. Qin Yue’s wife and Xiao Ran will go back as mothers instead of a simple one without the past.
The heavy rain continues, and there is still thunder from time to time. The weather is very bad, but the root can’t affect Qin Yue’s good mood
It’s like going back to the time when he and Jane just got married. After dinner, Jane will sit in the hall and watch a drama for a while while he is busy working in the room.
Although two people talk very little, they know each other is around, and that person will definitely appear when they need it.
Qin Yue in the room is not busy at work, but reading an email sent to him by Xiao Qinghe.
Xiao Qinghe said in an email that a group of them found out that there was an injection that could make people lose their memory.
This medicine is used by the military of country A to deal with military espionage. After a few injections, your body will be greatly stimulated, and you may die or lose your memory.
The possibility of not recovering memory after three years of injection of this medicine is less than 5%
The military of country A captured spies and conducted experiments. Sixteen people died, some lost their memories and some others.
Death and memory loss account for 50% each, which means that if you are injected, there is a 50% chance that this drug will die.
Among these people who lost their memory, they were divided into two groups for experiments respectively.
Four people in group A helped them retrieve their memories in three years, two of them retrieved their past memories, and two of them lost their memories permanently.
In group B, four people instilled another kind of memory in them for three years, and then helped them find the past three years later. As a result, one person found the past memory.
Qin Yue’s good mood collapsed instantly after reading this email. Looking at the brain screen, his eyes were as sharp as Shura’s regenerative mouse hand and he almost crushed the mouse in his hand.
If it is confirmed that the master was right about this medicine, it is conceivable that Jane went to the ghost gate and turned around, and life and death were on the line.