Sometimes it’s a pity that I can’t speak. For example, it’s a pity that I can’t describe it to a man when I see such a beautiful scenery now. But she believes that when a man finds the feeling he wants, he will definitely come here with Miao, and then she can tell him everything she has seen and heard.

"Is it halfway up the mountain?" Listening to the whistle all the way really makes me feel a little upset
"hmm!" It’s necessary to make proper corrections when Miao stood guard and handed the water to the man.
"Is the scenery beautiful?" The man drank a few mouthfuls of water and handed the towel to wipe the sweat.
"hmm!" Being unable to speak is all kinds of anxiety. It’s really crazy. Why pretend to be dumb? In fact, you can try to talk with your nose. It’s silly!
"If I remember correctly, I should be able to see the lake now. Isn’t it beautiful?" Lu Fengxing felt the picturesque scenery of the mountain peaks, and his mood was clear in his mind.
I really want to cheer. The scenery in front of me is so beautiful. Men’s memories are absolutely correct.
"I am going to scream!" Miao hastily wrote a few words in the man’s palm.
☆ Chapter 312
That’s trying to cheer. I can’t say’ beautiful’ or’ I love you so much’. I hate that I’m not my identity at the moment, or she will jump on this handsome man on the spot!
There is a man left in the forest to listen and laugh, and Lu Fengxing feels a kind of method to erase his vitality, just like the feeling brought to him by Miao, and her beauty is in his mind!
Looking at the man smiling and smiling, he grabbed the man’s palm with his lips raised. "Your smile is very cute!"
Lu Fengxing felt that his hands were crisp and itchy, and he felt funny and smiled but didn’t respond.
"Will you bring your wife here?" The following continues.
"Yes, I will!" Lu Fengxing answered with certainty.
"She will love it here!" My heart writes about my feelings.
"Let’s go. The scenery is more spectacular at the top of the mountain!" Lu Fengxing put away his palm and he didn’t want to be so quiet and alone.
Miao stubbornly took the man’s hand. "It’s almost time to eat breakfast first!"
I don’t object to women’s opinions when they find that they are really hungry when they wake up.
I can’t see myself. The man squeezed his nose or patiently took out the wet tissue paper and gave it to the man carefully. Then I gave it to the man and sat next to him for breakfast.
"How did my mother find you? I think you are really pretty! " Lu Fengxing tastes good when a woman makes three cures.
I smiled smugly and ignored the man. When she came, it was just that the man himself was unwilling to explore. Now you know how many talented people are!
"But if anyone marries you, there will be a lot of pressure. You are actually very strong in your bones!" Lu Fengxing gave a pertinent evaluation. As soon as the good mood disappeared, some resentment and small eyes looked at the man.
"Of course, I just said casually, don’t take it to heart!" Lu Fengxing also feels that he talks a little too much in front of women, but if there is no noise in the dark world, it will be too lifeless. Who makes women dumb sisters?
What do you mean, just say what you really think in your heart and let people not take it to heart! How can you not take it to heart? If others say it, forget it. What wife doesn’t take her husband’s words to heart!
I am sad and lamented, and suddenly I really want to know what men think of themselves, so I put it into action.
"Is your wife strong?" The writing is very direct.
"Are you so interested in her?" Lu Fengxing doesn’t like to talk about his lover with others, and it will always be his treasure.
"Then be curious!" Lu Fengxing withdrew his palm and continued to appreciate the taste of food in his hand.
I stamped my feet with anger, but he still couldn’t help but vent my anger at the food. It took half an hour to trim and finish the three treatments and handed the milk back to my backpack, which seemed to be much lighter.
"Have you been carrying a bag?" I didn’t realize anything until I drank half the milk.
"Hum," said the man angrily, "I don’t want to carry it. Have you eaten?"
"Give me the backpack and I’ll carry the rest of the way!" Lu Fengxing insisted on putting out his arm.
"no!" You’re welcome to pull a few in the man’s palm.
"What do you mean, the top of your mountain will arrive soon!" A man shows a strong side. He doesn’t allow himself not to be a man.