Dark owl hasn’t spoken. Although he is a player in front of Chitantan’s heartbroken teeth, he is also very stressed. When he sees three words in sequence, he can’t help but vomit. "The Eastern Zhou Dynasty called Fog-wrapped Mountain without 10,000, and there are thousands of spit towers, which is even more difficult."

Chitan Dan didn’t speak. He was heartbroken and looked up at the sky at the same time. At this time, it was noon, and the two of them didn’t really look at the sky, but looked at the most awesome god in the virtual world-unification; The map of the Cave of Gamblers has appeared. I wonder what kind of activities will be arranged this time so that Chitan Tanya can continue to enjoy the better treatment of celebrities, that is, the "protagonist aura"
Giving a "protagonist aura" does not mean that the protagonist will definitely cross the road when he encounters difficulties. The protagonist naturally has Chi Tandan, but the knight who becomes famous in the game will be beaten by the "protagonist aura"; Since then, the young Xia and the female Xia who have been hit by the aura have gone through hardships and cried for their parents to stumble forward.
How long has a calm day not come? Chitan Dan’s heartbroken teeth can’t remember clearly. Since the establishment of the legion organization, they have been running around and killing official forums every day, releasing many scenic spots. They have never been there, and there are games to entertain them. They have also never been there.
According to the map, four people rode horses to bypass the Black Dragon City, which was still in full swing, and set foot on the official road of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. After several turnoffs, they finally arrived at the border city of Dongjing-Huxiao; All entrants need to pay 1 tael of silver, and they also need to show their jade cards. NPCs are just a piece of paper, but players are a piece of Yu Pei. Information can be displayed or hidden. Of course, the nationality and nationality of the place of birth must be shown, otherwise the soldiers will arrest you for being black.
The black market is a tragedy. He will be sent to mining places to dig for minerals and media, and it has not yet come to light. However, those places are not well guarded. If the orphan family hadn’t sent homing pigeons and called three or five friends, they would have been able to escape from that place. Compared with jailbreaking, it takes a large-scale manpower transfer to make it possible to escape. The number of prison security is greatly related to whether there are garrisons near the size of the city.
The heartbroken tooth is a wanted man, but the four great powers did not publish the article on sea arrest, but handed it over to the masters of the Justice League and the National Xia League; Therefore, heartbroken teeth can also take out their own jade cards and pay 1 tael of silver.
The Northern Han Dynasty is famous for its bravery, the Tianjing State is famous for its cunning bombing, the Tiannan Tang State is famous for its poetry, and the Eastern Zhou State is famous for its order. It is obvious that the four countries show their different national appearances and national characteristics, and the Eastern Zhou countries are orderly. It is obvious that the carriage takes the fast track, and the pedestrian takes the wrong track. Waiting is just that those who have a bad attitude are locked up and re-educated directly.
Leveling and standardizing streets, shops and houses with uniform specifications and sizes make all the knights of the early Eastern Zhou Dynasty feel novel, especially those of the Northern Han Dynasty; The Northern Han Dynasty is famous for its bravery, and the Northern Han Dynasty is also the most chaotic place. This kind of chaos is due to geographical factors. The Northern Han Dynasty connects the Hu nationality countries, while the Eastern Zhou Dynasty is coastal, and according to the Southern Tang Dynasty, the sky is along the coast.
Tang Yuanyuan’s dark owl was a chivalrous man in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. The broken tooth was originally a member of Jieyan County. When this country was destroyed by the Northern Han Dynasty, it automatically became the Northern Han Dynasty. Regional discrimination also exists in the virtual world. The NPC of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty welcomes people in the Southern Tang Dynasty to despise the Northern Han Dynasty and regard the Western Jin Dynasty as a country, while people in the Southern Tang Dynasty are arrogant and regard the other three countries as wild countries.
The NPC of the Northern Han Dynasty envies and hates the Southern Tang Dynasty and the Western Jin Dynasty. Although they are difficult brothers and brothers, they don’t like each other. If the Western Jin Dynasty commits crimes in the Northern Han Dynasty, it will definitely increase the crime; The western Jin dynasty, like a stepmother, has the lowest status in the whole day. This low position does not refer to national strength, but to its national mentality
Chitantan’s heartbroken teeth are surprised to see the dark owl coming all the way. He is still a rookie. I didn’t expect to have such a deep study on the customs of various countries in the world. Those words are that the dark owl walked all the way and said that she received the eyes of two bosses. The dark owl said that she was under pressure and said, "I am a brother outside the Hiram’s Hospital."
When I heard it, my brother Chi Tandan’s heartbroken teeth showed a sudden color. Although Gongyuan was called an "insane asylum", it was natural that chivalrous people could not be allowed to read in the game. The knowledge in Gongyuan was all game materials. Some games may be found in Gongyuan books before the curtain is announced for the time being to see if there is such an understanding person, that is, the younger brother of Gongyuan needs to have a deeper understanding of the game information, otherwise he can’t get started.
Each sect got off to a different start. How many wanted criminals does Zen need to kill if it wants to fight Murenxiang’s Wuhuadi? How many wanted men does it need to travel in heaven? With the Tang Dynasty’s ancient chivalrous inheritance being acquired by the chivalrous men in the early stage, players can choose to join various sects, and the two sects of Zhongtian, Righteousness and Evil are becoming more and more prosperous.
When the night falls, Chi Tandan and other four people finally arrive at the map of "Fog-wrapped Mountain" according to the map. The red light still flashes regularly. It used to be a triangle pointing to three sentences. When the keys arrive at the book, they automatically close together and point straight to the fog-wrapped mountain top.
After resting in the mountain for 20 minutes, the four men recovered their horses and walked slowly along the rugged mountain road. When it was dark, four torches lit up the range of about ten meters. The mountain breeze is blowing a little cold, and the dark owl dumplings are all B-size peak repairs. They are all doing A-size trials. If they don’t find Chitantan, they can give up this choice and choose another one.
However, nowadays, the A-brand trials are all associated with the famous knights with the "protagonist aura", which is a bit like a master pulling a novice; However, the experts refuse to help without punishment. The sad reminder is that the novices who want to do trials are unified. If they don’t let the experts refuse the novices for help, they will connect the experts and novices’ trials, just like the dark owl Tang Yuanyuan and Chi Tandan’s "last-day policy guards".
The heartbroken tooth is purely a soy sauce role. He also has a lot of unfinished work, but even if he is pulled into the pit of "gambling god cave" by thunder, he naturally wants to see if this gambling god cave is as rich as he said.
Deep in the mountains, the wolf howled and heartbroken, walking in front, and the dark owl Tang Yuanyuan was in the middle. After four people walked from the mountain for about 20 minutes, they stopped at the mountain road. Here, they disappeared and there were obstacles such as thorns and bushes in front.
The heartbroken tooth magically pulled out two thin bladed knives from his double sleeves. These two knives are the most valuable things for the heartbroken tooth. The heartbroken tooth died nearly 27 times, and nearly 10 million pieces of silver were thrown into nearly 200,000 soft coins before finally getting the weapon.
"Hook Wu’s double attack with a knife in the sleeve +85 as thin as a piece of paper. It can be long or short, hidden in the sleeve, sticking to the hand and hiding, and you can use the knife method. It can also be used when hidden weapons makes the input force form a long knife, and the hidden weapons technique can hit the knife gas."
The martial art of heartbroken teeth is inherited from the third-level barrier of "Gankun in the Sleeve" in Du Fuwei. It has been 75 years to practice martial arts. Ten million pieces of martial arts moves, such as Cangjie Asahi Knife, Luansang hidden weapons Knife, Gankun Knife in the Sleeve/hidden weapons’s posture, are used to shoot Yandian with light skill.
It’s sad to see the "knife in the sleeve" in the hands of heartbroken teeth, and it’s also sad to say that he is famous all over the world, and the knight-errant opponent rubs the man without a good thing; Although he owns the "secretariat suit" he wears, this thing is unique because none of the players hold the post of "secretariat".
The knife in the hook Wu sleeve condenses a knife gas, and when the heartbroken tooth displays the knife gas of hidden weapons martial arts, it comes out and directly smoothes the obstacles in front; Although the knife gas is good, it coagulates when needed, and the coagulation speed is different according to the work center method.
Chitan Dan’s "secretariat sword" can also condense a firm but gentle shock wave with a length of five meters. This barrier has been repaired. He is a five-level heartbroken tooth or a three-level one. From this, you can imagine that the top master of Tianzihao Nine-level Barriers condensed a firm but gentle spirit or something else. That Nima really swept a large area!
The coolie’s heartbroken teeth are constantly condensing, and the speed of going forward is not slow. The direction pointed by the map key is still four people, and there is no shaking deviation in front; After walking on for nearly half an hour, I heard a huge roar in my ear, but I came to a waterfall, which was as spectacular as a white Long Qian deep under the moonlight.
The words "Tujianglou" on the map suddenly lit up, and I kept holding the map, and Tang Yuanyuan was so scared that she cried out and was embarrassed to look around to cover up the embarrassment; Chitan Dan glanced at the map and then at the waterfall, wondering, "Is this waterfall Tujiang Tower?"
"Thunder and rain, fog wrapped in mountains and rivers, looking down at the sun."
Heartbroken tooth patted his thigh and shouted, "I don’t want to wait for the thunder and rain to fall at the waterfall to see the gambling god cave."
Looking at the starry sky and then at the bright moon, it doesn’t look like it will rain. Suddenly, my heartbroken teeth are a little depressed and I look at it in a daze. Chi Tandan said, "What should I do if my balls are swollen?"
"You ask me?" Chitan Dan looked at heartbroken tooth very seriously and asked heartbroken tooth, knowing that this soul is light, he would definitely say "How do I know", so he turned to look at Shang Yuanyuan, a dark owl, and these two were also receivers.
Dark owl looked at heartbroken tooth and then at Chitan Dan, who raised his right hand like a schoolboy. He jumped to dark owl’s side and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Dude, if you have something to say, I’m very approachable."
"Of course you are approachable. Every time you are approachable, you will level people’s lives, make their belongings easy, then sweep away the traces (near) and leave quietly." Chitantan vomited aside.
"Yo, Dan Dan, I just found out that you are so talented!" Heartbroken teeth a face of worship shouted.
Chitan Dan replied, "I really don’t mean to continue to worship my brother."
Dark owl saw that the two bosses were caught in each other’s spit, and Nai coughed and said, "Heroes, I know another explanation of Lei Mingyu."
"Well" heartbroken tooth red Tandan stopped spitting at the right time and watched the dark owl wait for him to continue to talk. After the dark owl said another meaning of "Thundering Rain", the two bosses lamented that Hiram’s Hospital was indeed Wen Qing’s haunting Zhongying, so the strange meaning could be explained, and the things explained by the Kei Hiram’s Hospital were all real games.
According to the information that Dark Owl saw in Hiram’s Hospital, Lei Mingyu actually has a homophonic meaning of "getting caught in the rain". It is said that a chivalrous man once made a similar expedition, and he was puzzled at first, but then he ran in a cave and was suddenly awakened by water droplets, thus solving the mystery and getting what he wanted.
"Get wet" is easy to explain. This is the waterfall, and there must be another cave behind it. After the four people swam to the bottom of the waterfall, they took a deep breath, then dived into the bottom of the waterfall until they reached nearly ten meters before swimming forward, estimating that they had swam through the waterfall, and then their heartbroken teeth stretched out their thumbs and nodded their heads and jumped out together.
"Hua" Four people’s heads are out of the water, and behind it is a water curtain waterfall, which splashes strong water droplets and splashes the skin of four people, and the blood volume is deducted by dozens of points; This made the four people feel glad that they didn’t come in directly from the front of the waterfall, otherwise they would be hit by the attack force formed by the waterfall. It’s hard to say that Chitandan’s heartbroken teeth may not die, and it’s hard to say that Tang Yuanyuan’s dark owl.
The dark owl, crawling with moss and stones from the water, was not steady for a while and slipped into the water, causing Tang Yuanyuan to laugh and break his heart, reaching out and pulling the dark owl out of the water; Three chivalrous men undress directly and dry their clothes and equipment. They need to shake and dry their clothes directly, but they are ordinary things. Tang Yuanyuan has no place to hide. He can choose to trust three chivalrous men.
It’s a pity that she overestimated Chitantan’s heartbroken teeth. When she changed her clothes, Chitantan’s heartbroken teeth happened to happen to coincide. She turned her head slightly out of the corner of her eye and aimed at Tang Yuanyuan. What makes the two prostitutes/thieves depressed is that there is no ignition before, and the light outside is blocked by the waterfall. They can see a vague figure. The two prostitutes/thieves sigh for a change, and the expression of the gentleman is no longer turned to peep.
Four torches were lit to illuminate the nearby rocks. When climbing along the layered rocks for about ten meters, the front was flat and there was a cave ten paces away from Chitantan. The cave was sealed by a huge rock, and the outward side of the rock was engraved with three bright red words "gambler’s cave"
Chapter 20 Gambling God Cave ()
It’s so easy to find the two heroes in the gambling god cave who are given the "protagonist aura" in a unified way. It’s unbelievable to see each other’s eyes dignified when they look at each other. The more easy it is to say that waiting for them behind is a bigger surprise. The heartbroken tooth stepped forward and his palm pressed against the rock that blocked the cave. Something strange happened. His palm penetrated the rock.
Can’t prevent the whole person from falling forward. The micro-manipulation of the Great Xia here shows that the broken tooth quickly takes out the martial arts moves of "falling a thousand pounds" from the belt and puts them into the martial arts moves column, and then the whole person stops; Outside, Chitandan three people saw the wonder that the heartbroken tooth was actually set in that rock. Because he was moving forward, Chitandan three people could see his back and see his expression clearly.
"I’m stuck in the slot" cried heartbroken tooth sadly, but the sound did not change.
After thinking about it, Chi Tandan rushed forward, and the whole person hit the rock, or rather hit the back of the heartbroken tooth, which was hit into the cave, but Chi Tandan was stuck in the rock layer; This situation makes the dark owl Bai of Tang Yuanyuan definitely need a person to get stuck in the rock. The dark owl motioned for Tang Yuanyuan to hit Chitantan. After thinking about it, Tang Yuanyuan nodded, so the dark owl became the last person stuck in the rock.
But the dark owl is a human being. If he doesn’t go in, he may be triggered by the law, but the cave department is not very optimistic. The first to go in, the heartbroken tooth didn’t go far, only walked about five steps and stopped, because he found the same rock blocking the hole in the front road.
I don’t feel right. Chi Tandan made the soup round and hit the dark owl. He hit the dumpling round again. Finally, the broken tooth was left on the rock. So his face was outward, but Chi Tandan and others talked face to face. Chitan Dan looked at the rock stuck in the mouth of the cave and always felt that this rock was familiar and square. "Isn’t it just color?" Chitan Dan took a thigh and shouted
After shouting Chitantan, his face looks ugly. If a rock blocks one person to represent a color "one point", doesn’t that mean that the rock behind him will block two people to become a color "two points"? In order to test their own ideas, Chi Tandan and other three people crashed into the rock again, but this time it was Chi Tandan who finally stayed in the rock. After the dark owl Tang Yuanyuan got stuck in the hole and blocked the rock in front of him, Chi Tandan knew that his guess was correct. In the absence of any collision, the two tragic chivalrous men and women could temporarily get stuck in the rock and knock Chi Tandan out of the first rock, and the other three people got stuck in the rock except Chi Tandan.
"Red boss, everything depends on you!" Cried heartbroken tooth
Chi Tandan said that the pressure is great. He hasn’t figured out a way to walk around the cave for the time being. All the gambling tools are for betting on the size. From this aspect, does it mean that if you get another rock and stuff two things into it, it will become "two points", which will be bigger than "one point", so that the "one point" rock with broken teeth will disappear?
But there are a bunch of rocks around that are covered with mossy materials, but the rocks that are stuck in the broken teeth are different, and the player’s advantage is revealed here. Every player has a riding fence, and he can summon the riding wherever he is. If the family can still summon him, it will solve many problems, and now he can ride easily.
Riding one’s own horse towards Chitantan and rushing towards the rock is a "Peng"-two points are bigger than one point. Chitantan and the heartbroken horse crashed into the hole from the rock, and the rock engraved with "Gambling God Cave" gradually shrunk and then shrunk, and finally became a square stone with a length and width of one meter.