"Still sleepy?" Qin Yue asked again.

"Not sleepy" simply shook his head and blushed unconsciously.
"However, you are responsible for taking your sister to wash her face, brush her teeth and change clothes. Dad is here waiting for you to have breakfast together." Qin Yue added.
"Good Dad" Xiao Ran Ranlin likes what her father has arranged for her and will actively complete it to prove that she is also very powerful.
Xiao Ran, however, tried to slip out of bed when he rolled, but he rolled out of bed because he was too small.
Jane tried to catch her, but it was too slow to catch her and watched Xiao Ran fall to the ground.
Xiao Ran fell to the soil, got up, rubbed his little ass and squashed his mouth "Dad-"
"However, are you going to show your crying nose to your father and big sister?" Qin Yue looked at her distressed and funny.
"But don’t cry" is still here. Sister Ran is here. She won’t cry. Don’t leave a bad impression on Sister Ran.
Jane gave Qin Yue a discontented look at the bed and picked Xiao Ran up. "Did Xiao Ran tell her sister where she fell? Is there any pain? "
Xiao Ran, however, rubbed his shoulders on Jane’s shoulders and said softly, "But it doesn’t hurt, but she takes her sister to wash her face."
"Well, I went with my sister" because I was dissatisfied with Qin Yue’s failure to comfort Xiao Ran, but I simply didn’t want to see him.
Watching the mother and daughter wash their hands, Qin Yue shook his head naively again. It seems that his position at home will plummet after that.
Breakfast table is made by Qin Yue according to Jane’s preferences, and they often eat meals when they were together. He wants to remind Jane of something through some subtle details.
However, Qin Yue’s careful preparation of food roots did not attract Jane’s attention, and her whole heart was in Xiao Ran.
These days, even he doesn’t stick to Xiao Ran, but it’s rare that he didn’t find a fierce brother at the breakfast table. It seems that he can see it in his eyes.
Is this what people often say that mother and daughter are connected to each other?
None of them know each other’s identity, but their love for each other is so obvious that no one can replace their position in each other’s hearts.
Qin Yue, who has been left out by her mother and daughter, tried to find a snack in a simple bowl. "However, you can eat by yourself. Don’t care about her, you can eat a little."
"Good" Jane replied and smiled back at him.
"Jane, I’ve told your company leaders that you don’t go to the company class these days and work at home to help our family design three gifts."
When I heard Qin Yue’s words, I suddenly asked, "How much is Qin Yue like your wife?"
"It’s exactly the same. There’s no difference. Lian Xiao is the same. The same smile has deceived me several times." Qin Yue wanted to say this to Jane, but he couldn’t say it to scare her again?
So Qin Yuehao changed the saying, "You are your person and can replace Jane."
Chapter 254 It’s no coincidence
Jane has to admit that Qin Yue, a man, is really not as powerful as pick up hot chicks.
He opened his mouth and said a word casually, which could make her blush and her heart beat for a long time.
She quickly bowed her head and ate breakfast seriously, pretending that she didn’t ask anything just now and didn’t hear anything.
However, Qin Yue didn’t want to give up so easily and continued, "I didn’t pursue you with anyone else. I just wanted to pursue you."
Simple "…"
This man-
It’s always so direct, always so sudden that she can’t cope.
"Dad likes to be natural and big." Xiao Ran also helps dad speak.
Don’t be a child who doesn’t know anything, but his heart is blank. Just by looking at his father’s expression, Xiao Ran can know that his father is very fond of his father and she is also very fond of him.
Simple "…"
It’s not only Qin Yue, the man, who let her parry this little baby in his family, but also let her parry it.
Xiao Ran, however, said, "However, I want to be a mother."
It doesn’t sound like Xiao Ran, but at such a big age, would say, simply look at your eyes. Qin Yue has some dissatisfaction. The thing is how big people can benefit children.
"My aunt said that my mother knew that she had a mother when she flew back from the sky." Xiao Ran had already forgotten that when my aunt told her, she told her not to say that she was taught by her aunt.
After hearing what Xiao Ran said, Jane felt sour again. She didn’t have the heart to refuse the child at all, but she had to refuse.
Xiao Ran will always be white when she grows up, even if she looks like her mother, it can’t replace her real mother.
Jane has temporarily lived in Nuoyuan for a simple reason. She helped Qin Yue design a three-person ceremony.
Qin Yue went to class, Xiao Ran went to kindergarten, and Qin Xiaobao didn’t come back. In addition to the servants, she didn’t even find a speaker.
There is a studio near the garden on the east side of Nuoyuan. The studio is a glass house. The painting tools in the studio are all together. It can be seen that it was specially prepared by Qin Yueren.
Jane came to the Qin family for the first time, and there was an easel in the master bedroom house. So she understood that these things must have been prepared by Qin Yue’s wife.
The name is the same, the looks are similar, and now even the hobby of painting is the same. These days, images come to my mind from time to time. She lost that memory and her abdominal scar-
No matter from which point of view, this is definitely not a coincidence. Is she the "Jane" who passed away from the world?
Thought of here, Jane suddenly felt that it was difficult to breathe, and her fists were tightly clenched into fists.
She told herself that she couldn’t hide in her shell like she used to and pretend that nothing had happened.
She must find a way to get back her memory, even if the past memory is not good, but that is also a part of her past, and she can only be considered a complete person if she gets it back.
But how should she find it?
At least she needs to find some clues.
Who can give her clues?
Jane closed her eyes and seriously thought that her father knew her past best, but she didn’t want the clue that the past was her father must be cut off.
Then she can think about others, Qin Yue can’t, Xiao Ran can’t, Qin Xiaobao can’t, and she wants to think about Lingfei simply.
Although we haven’t been together for a long time, we can also feel the profound friendship of Lingfei language.
I don’t know Lingfei’s language. This is the best breakthrough to help her retrieve her past memories.
Jane tried hard to recall what Lingfei said to her. She said that they were good friends and came to Jiangbei together from Kyoto-
They came to Jiangbei from Kyoto together, and my father said that he had something to do in Kyoto, so did this matter go with her?
On this day, I didn’t do anything serious, but I was thinking about my past.
Qin Yue didn’t go out to the company class, but with a group of experts to find ways to alleviate the pain of quitting morphine simply.
Later, he and Xiao Qinghe met several internationally famous psychologists, hoping to find ways to help Jane restore her memory.
It was not early when he finished these things. He didn’t go anywhere and went straight home because there was Jane waiting for him at home.
Listen to the servant said Jane ran in the studio and Qin Yue came here for the first time to find her.
After a short distance, he saw Jane sitting quietly in the studio in a daze and didn’t know what she was thinking.